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The Gilded Bellini at Cattle & Claw | LA's Newest Pop-Up Eatery

If there’s one thing Angelenos can’t get enough of, it’s a good pop-up! LA’s latest pop-though has nothing to do with shopping…but everything to do with burgers and lobsters!

Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini at Cattle & Claw

I recently visited Cattle & Claw, the newest pop-up eatery located in the heart of LA at The Sofitel Hotel. I was so intrigued by this awesome culinary concept. Never in my foodie travels have I ever heard of a restaurant that features two of the world’s most loved foods! I’ve dined at The Sofitel before so I had a strong inkling the hotel’s latest venture was going to be a great one.

Burger at Cattle & Claw

For the burger and lobster lovers, the options are truly endless; and the choices are ones you would have only dreamed of! Omnivores of LA can indulge in locally-sourced five-ounce burgers, fresh lobster beignets, curated mason jar cocktails and more.

One of the things that lured me the most about Cattle & Claw? Its inviting and down to earth ambiance without a stuffy vibe, any velvet ropes, and my personal favorite: no reservation needed!  

Cattle & Claw

Pick any other place in the heart of LA and I can guarantee that in most cases, you’ll probably have one of those three things!

Cattle & Claw is set up in the usual Estérel spot, where the stunning dining area is its vibrant outdoor terrace. Lots of gorgeous flowers and greenery line the space with an orange overhead to really set the tone for a sunny, summertime vibe. Even the flowers on the tables matched with burnt orange and reddish hues. I love the laidback, “backyard” type of feel of the restaurant – it really fits perfectly with the concept!   

Cattle & Claw

I couldn't wait to dive right in and truly revel in the moment that I was about to eat a lot of hearty food at once, but I came hungry and ready to indulge.

Cattle & Claw on The Gilded Bellini

I knew I definitely needed to try a burger. Fun fact: I am eternally a burger critic since a young age - my dad owns a restaurant in NYC specializing in burgers that has been around for a few decades now, so I have always been super picky about the burgers that I cross paths with! It's pretty much in my blood at this point, lol! I have always found that it's pretty difficult to find the perfect burger - one that's juicy and tasty, versus many that are bland, overcooked or rubbery. But I had a feeling Cattle & Claw was going to be all over their burger game considering it is their specialty! I was seriously impressed - the burger was scrumptious and a mighty one for sure. It was juicy, tender and fresh; so big that I had to cut it in half!  This is one burger here in LA that I wholeheartedly recommend trying if you are a burger lover like me!

Burger at Cattle & Claw

Paired alongside a simple, yet refreshing garden salad, to-die-for dips and my number one top weakness in life (housemade fries), this was the ultimate burger moment!!! 

Dips at Cattle & Claw

For this first round, I introduced the lobster in with my Lobster Bloody Mary! First off, who else in the world is making a bloody infused with lobster?! This blew me away. I loved how despite how savory the drink was, it was so refreshing rather than salty, which most bloodies are. The hint of lobster was seriously everything. If there is one Bloody Mary that I'm drinking, I definitely want it to be the one from Cattle & Claw!

Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini at Cattle & Claw

Next up, the Lobster Beignets! I was so excited to try these. I had never had a beignet before to begin with, but I knew this was going to be one unique delicacy for the books. The 3 yummy beignets were fried to perfection, inside each having delicious lobster but with a super soft, almost cornbread-like consistency. For all my cornbread-loving friends, I can assure you you'll enjoy this dish! Paired with lobster aioli dipping sauce, these beignets were just the cutest, most scrumptious little things. My mouth is watering just writing about them! Not to mention I loved the artsy presentation of the dish as well.

Lobster Beignets at Cattle & Claw

Thought I was done? Nope! Like I said, I came hungry. I HAD to try the Lobster Roll, of course! It was one hearty dish but the fresh chunks of lobster in a remoulade sauce, in between the softest bun was nothing short of perfection. The East Coaster in me definitely enjoyed this (usual) East Coast staple!

Lobster Roll at Cattle & Claw

I had to try a Mojito too! This was so refreshing - totally the drink of the summer! It was served in a fun mason jar cocktail (that just makes everything better to begin with!) and paired perfectly with my lobster roll. I couldn't even pick which drink I liked more, but I love that there's a really nice selection of drinks for guests in case they prefer one type of drink over the other.

Mojito at Cattle & Claw

My meal was so enjoyable and I loved being in the middle of all the stunning florals and romantic decor outside. The vibe is so relaxing and low-key at Cattle & Claw which I love and really enhances that summer feel. The combination of the atmosphere and the delicious food really takes you away and brings you into what I like to consider a local escape - right in the heart of West Hollywood/Beverly Hills! 

Brielle Galekovic

Before I left, I caught up with my friend Cecile who I chatted with in my video above to find out more about Cattle & Claw, and also Marta who I absolutely adore and who is always such a joy to see whenever I am at the hotel! These ladies are so dedicated to making sure guests have a wonderful experience at their hotel and restaurant, and it really shows in everything they do. They provide amazing customer service and are so friendly - just an FYI for anyone who is wondering about the staff. They are hands down great people!

Brielle Galekovic and Marta Duarte
Brielle Galekovic at The Sofitel Hotel Los Angeles

Cattle & Claw is the perfect place for both locals and visitors to satisfy their carnivorous cravings and devour two of the world's most favorite foods all in one place. You get everything you need here, from the atmosphere to the food to the cocktails to the people. It's all around a fun place to experience and really sets the tone for the summer! But get here when you can, because you have to remember it is a pop-up. Hours from Monday through Sunday are 12 PM - 2 PM and then 5 PM - 11 PM. I don't know about you, but I am hungry all over again for Cattle & Claw! Hope to see you guys there!

The Gilded Bellini at Cattle & Claw