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Heels & Denim in Distress at Toca Madera

Toca Madera is a super trendy spot that always has its guests dressing to impress. While many go all out and wear bodycon dresses with heels to brunch, there is also a fair share of people who dress up a simple look for a casual, but put-together look.

Brielle Galekovic at Toca Madera on The Gilded Bellini

I wanted to wear something classic and chic could easily be transitional from day to night. I wore my high-wasted denim skinny jeans with a tucked in white blouse and black caged heels. Accessories were kept simple as well, just wearing a few dainty gold, chain-y necklaces and my “Brielle” ring.

The outfit actually was very appropriate. At first I was a bit nervous I was underdressed, but considering it was daytime, I think that the dressiness has leniency for brunch.

Brielle Galekovic
Brielle Galekovic at Toca Madera on The Gilded Bellini

After surveying the room, a look just like this one would be perfect for brunch, and not just for Toca Madera, but for any brunch that has a casual, luxurious vibe. Leave it for the sun to go down and the famous Toca tree in the garden room to light up to go all out!