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Getting the Luxe Athleisure Look with SukiShufu Leatherback Leggings

Current situation: you have barre from 9:45-10:45 am and have brunch plans with friends at 11:30. No time to head home to change. The solution? You don a chic athleisure look, doubling as a workout outfit and a stylishly casual, head-turning ensemble.

Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu on The Gilded Bellini -

I find myself in this situation pretty frequently, especially since I make it a point to work out on the weekends no matter what plans I may have. No excuses! Honestly, if I’m not getting dressed up for an occasion, I am ALWAYS in leggings and sneaks. But, I never get lazy. It's about both looking good and feeling good.

I discovered SukiShufu, a luxe activewear label from London and fell in love with the brand’s signature faux leather paneling. I am a complete sucker for the liquid leather look, so I knew from the start their Leatherback Leggings would really pull together awesome outfit.

Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu on The Gilded Bellini -
Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu on The Gilded Bellini -

As is usual for the luxe athletic wear brand, the materials have built-in SPF for outdoor activities and won't run or fade while you're working out, brunching, or rocking them just for the sake that they look good... because yes, they look that good.

Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu Leatherback leggings on The Gilded Bellini -

How do I wear my SukiShufu Leatherback Leggings?

Since my SukiShufu leggings have a colorblock of a white band, I really want that to be the focus of my outfit so I just pair with a simple black crop. I’ll usually wear a sports bra under this too since I wear it for class. Plus, wearing a crop top puts all the attention on my leggings.

I pair with my favorite black Sam Edelman faux leather high-tops. I love these because they have such a unique cut-out pattern on the side, and the pants look good tucked into the shoes. The high-tops dress up the outfit if I’m heading straight from a class to brunch. 

Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu on The Gilded Bellini -
Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu on The Gilded Bellini -

The SukiShufu leggings enhances my silhouette without sacrificing comfort or functionality. I love that these leggings hug in all the right places, yet I am still so comfy in them!

I throw a leather jacket over the leggings and crop to accentuate the slimming, badass look. 

Brielle Galekovic in SukiShufu Leatherback Leggings on The Gilded Bellini -

What do you think of SukiShufu? x

Photography by: Elijah Saldana