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Serafina Sunset Grand Opening | NYC's Italian Hotspot Comes to LA

I am ecstatic because one of my favorite restaurants in NYC is FINALLY in LA - Serafina!

Serafina Sunset

Serafina's new home on the Sunset Strip, (in the old Maia spot) is already gaining a ton of recognition not only for its hard to miss signature yellow and blue branding, but for its incredible, authentic Italian cuisine. As a gal who is part Italian and from the East Coast, I am ALWAYS keeping an eye out for great Italian restaurants - Serafina has never disappointed me!

Not to mention, word on the street is that Serafina Sunset is the new celeb hotspot. Lots of familiar faces have been dining at the restaurant ever since it opened, and a few of them made appearances at the Grand Opening Party a few weeks ago.

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

I was so excited when I got to experience Serafina Sunset first hand at its Media Luncheon and Grand Opening Party.

At the media luncheon, Serafina offered an incredible tasting menu, featuring many of its signature dishes. What I loved most about the dining experience was that the owners, Stephen Belafonte, Vittorio Assaf, and Fabio Granato made every effort to make sure all of us were satisfied with our food, and came to chat with each of us about the dishes' ingredients, how they were prepared and how we were enjoying everything.

One of the things I really admire about Serafina is that whether it's a party or a small group gathering, you're always treated like family here.

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Here's a little run down of everything we ate. Try not to drool:


Pizza Tartufo

Pizza Tartufo at Serafina Sunset

Pizza Bianca w/ Arugula

Pizza Bianca with Arugula at Serafina Sunset



Bresaola at Serafina Sunset

Carpaccio di Filetto e Tartufo 

Carpaccio di Filetto e Tartufo at Serafina Sunset

Prosciutto & Burrata

Prosciutto and Burrata at Serafina Sunset




Farfalle Limoncello

Farfalle Limoncello

Ravioli Burro e Salvia 

Ravioli Burro e Salvia



Tiramisu at Serafina Sunset

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta at Serafina Sunset

Crostatina w/ Red Berries

Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini with Crostatina with Red Berries at Serafina Sunset

Two nights later was the restaurant's Grand Opening Party. What. A. Turn out! I brought my friend Candice along for the fun. 

Brielle Galekovic and Candice Nikeia at Serafina Sunset

The place was packed - complimentary rosé and champagne was served around the restaurant for the guests who met, mingled and enjoyed the night. I loved how we really got to experience what its like to be at Serafina at night - the restaurant's airy indoor-outdoor space still proved to be intimate and inviting. Looking in from outside on the street, Serafina was the place passer-byers wished they could be at too. 

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

One of my favorite parts of the Serafina Grand Opening Party? The celebs! Mel B, of The Spice Girls/X Factor/America's Got Talent is actually another co-owner of the restaurant so it was awesome to see her there!

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Other celebs including Jonathan Cheban and Christina Milian hung out at the restaurant as well. It was so cool to see Jonathan's SnapChat story later that night and see how much he enjoyed all the food he ordered - although the space was packed with people, it still remained very intimate, so I was able to see what Jonathan munched on before it made it to social media!

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

Photo by: Serafina Sunset

I had such a great time at the Serafina Sunset Grand Opening and I can't wait for all the delicious meals there that lie ahead. I have an odd feeling that I'm going to be a regular! ;)

Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini at Serafina Sunset