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Jiho Givenchy, Mogul of the Millennials; Where He Brunches, His Personal Style & His Branding Advice

Whether you’re an LA or NYC local, you’re most likely aware of the major influencers around you. Socialites, bloggers, fashion icons, and editors are just a few of the tightknit crowds that set trends, and ultimately inspire others to go to certain restaurants and nightclubs, to develop bold individual styles, and start their own personal empires.


These creative icons encourage the go-getters in us to strive to make the dream lifestyle attainable. That describes Jiho Givenchy, exactly.  He’s got over 30k followers on his @jihogivenchy Instagram account, which captures his luxurious lifestyle of attending the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, capturing chic, editorial moments of himself being levitated in the air in the center of Washington Square Park in NYC, and photos with celebrities like Miranda Kerr, J. Cole and Kanye West. He shoots crazy, yet fascinating videos of his extravagant lifestyle and shares it with the world. But he’s more than just “insta-famous”.

Jiho Givenchy on The Gilded Bellini

Jiho Givenchy is an influencer. At a young age, he came to the states from overseas. Now, only in his twenties, he has attained a status recognized in NYC, LA and internationally. He works with MTV, several globally known fashion brands, and knows just what places to hit whenever he’s in town. He strives to be an inspiration for people who want to live life big, and live it well.

I got the chance to chat with Jiho Givenchy to learn more about how he got started, about his personal favorite brunch spots in LA and NYC, his go-to drink, and how his personal style influences what he wears to all the hotspots that he goes to on the regular… coast to coast.

Jiho Givenchy

1. Everyone knows your name in NYC and LA. You know a ton of influential people from fashion designers to restaurant owners. You're used to exclusivity. For those who were unfamiliar with who Jiho Givenchy was at first, tell us how you made a name for yourself on both coasts. 

I moved to the states from elite district called "Gangnam District" in Seoul, South Korea, at age ten. Gangnam is equivalent to Beverly Hills in California or the Upper East Side, NYC. With no prior knowledge of English or the American culture, I had to start from the very bottom. I graduated from a high school in a small suburban beach town in Delaware. Then, I moved to NYC at the age of eighteen to attend a private university in Upper East Side, NYC. My college classmates were not typical, mundane college students. Most of these students came from very wealthy families with highly influential backgrounds. I hung around the right people at the right time, and I was asked to join the elite circle of New York City.  Then, the rest was history. I started to get invited to exclusive fashion shows, private penthouse parties, and began receiving samples of luxurious clothing brands. My first debut in the entertainment industry was my feature in the comedy traveling show called Dexpedition on European MTV.  This was a hit show in several countries including Norway, the Netherlands, France, and Sweden.  It all started with one simple vision in my head. 

2. Although you're NYC-based, you're back and forth to LA all the time. Name your can't-miss favorite brunch spots that you know every time you're there, you won't be disappointed.

There are actually two steps to a successful brunch.  You must wear the freshest clothes and have two beers in your system already. After that, any brunch spot is a great brunch spot.  But, to name a few, Bagatelle in Meatpacking District and Catch, both in NYC.  I love the Mondrian Hotel and Milo & Olive in Santa Monica. 

3. Name the most outrageous, coolest thing you've had the opportunity to do solely because of the mogul that you are and the status you hold.           

Being a fashion stylist for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show for two years in a row, and having a drunken conversation with Kanye West at a private art gallery party. 

Jiho Givenchy and Kanye West

4. What's your go-to cocktail and what do you think that particular cocktail choice says about who you are? 

I'm not really into cocktails. I only drink Stella Artois. But, if I had to choose, I go with ones with cool names. The sexier it sounds, the better it is! 

Jiho Givenchy at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

5. You work with lots of international designers. Who is your favorite and how does your social life and where you go influence what you plan on wearing?

My top 3 designers currently (in no specific order)  -  Olivier Rousteing - Balmain, Hedi Slimane   -YSL and Nigo - A Bathing Ape

My favorite designer is Nigo from A Bathing Ape.  I really like Nigo's vision in incorporating hip hop artists to promote his brand.  He cares a lot about the youth, the art and modern culture. Most importantly, Nigo uses a lot of crazy colors in his designs and I LOVE COLORS. Colors bring energy into people's souls.  I like to stand out at every event I attend – even if I’m just going to a bar or to brunch. So, anything that has crazy bright colors or animal furs on them, you’ll probably see me wearing them. My feelings for the day influence what I wear. 

6. What words of advice do you have for someone trying to build his or her own brand from the bottom up?

Don't just meet people for drinks, food and fun. It's good to maintain the relationship but once trust has been established, think about what y'all can do together to build a better life, create business plans, and develop creative ideas together. Don't just waste time hanging around with pointless conversations.  You are born on this earth for a reason. Turn your brain knowledge into a tangible product. 

Jiho Givenchy on The Gilded Bellini

You can find Jiho Givenchy on Instagram at @jihogivenchy.