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Happy National Margarita Day | Tantalizing Margarita Recipes

Aye aye aye! National Margarita Day is here, February 22nd! As a total tequila-loving gal, this is one of my favorite days of the year. There are so many different ways to put a spin on the traditional margarita. Sweet, sour or spicy, I love them all and the possibilities are truly endless. 

For this very special holiday, Patrón Tequila, Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, El Jimador, and Gilt City all have created festive, tantalizing margarita recipes, all unique and leave you craving more. Here are some of my favorites! Which one do you want to try?!

English Garden Margarita

Created by Sophie Brett of London, England

English Garden Margarita Patrón Tequila


1.5 oz / 50 ml Patrón Silver
.5 oz / 15 ml Patrón Citrónge Orange

.75 oz / 20 ml Fresh lemon juice

.5 oz / 15 ml Apricot liqueur
.5 oz / 15 ml Earl Grey tea syrup*
+ 3 Drops orange flower water
+ 2 Sugar snap peas, one for garnish
+ 2 Sprigs mint, one for garnish
+ Pumpkin oil and smoked salt rim

*Earl Grey tea syrup:

Combine simple syrup with hot water and 5 tea bags.


1. In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, muddle 1 sugar snap pea and 1 mint sprig with Earl Grey tea syrup.*

2. Add liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker, along with 1 cracked sugar snap pea and 1 sprig of mint.

3. Fill cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigorously.

4. Use a fine strainer to strain into glass rimmed with pumpkin oil and smoked salt.

4. Garnish with mint sprig and sugar snap pea.


GILT City of Angels Margarita

GILT City of Angels Margarita

Gilt City has teamed up with LA's Greenbar Distillery to create an exclusive margarita recipe.

Known for its organic, hand-crafted spirits, Greenbar Distillery and Gilt City developed the Gilt City of Angels margarita, a floral and fruity concoction made with organic ingredients developed by the distillery.

You can also enjoy the cocktail during a one-day National Margarita Day Class on 2/22, where they will dive deep into everything margarita, from common tequila terms to tidbits every marg-lover should know. After a demo, they’ll shake up two of their own cocktails and receive a cocktail kit to take home! 

This National Margarita Day Class is available exclusively on for only 

$40 (an $80 value), here:

Gilt City is also offering additional cocktail classes and private tours at the distillery.


1.25-oz. IXA silver tequila

0.5-oz. FRUITLAB orange liqueur

0.25-oz. FRUITLAB hibiscus liqueur

1-oz. simple syrup

1-oz. fresh-squeezed lime juice

4 dashes of BAR KEEP lavender bitters



1. Rim a glass with lavender-infused salt; add ice.

2. Combine ingredients with ice in shaker and shake.

3. Strain over ice and enjoy.


Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Spicy Cucumber Margarita Casamigos Tequila


1.5 oz. Casamigos Blanco Tequila

1 oz. Fresh Lime Juice  

.25 oz. Fresh Orange Juice

.5 oz. Agave Nectar

.5 oz. Orange Liqueur



Combine all ingredients to iced mixing glass. Shake vigorously for 10 count. Pour all contents into a rocks glass with or without salted rim. Garnish with a lime.  


Black Raspberry Margarita

Black Raspberry Margarita


1 ½ oz el Jimador Tequila

½ oz Triple Sec

3 oz Sour Mix

½ oz Chambord Liquor


In a shaker filled with ice, add ingredients and shake to mix. Pour into margarita glass rimmed with salt (optional). Garnish with a lime or blackberry.


Tiki Rita

Created by Mindy Kucan of Portland, Oregon

TikiRita with Patrón Tequila


2 oz Patrón Reposado
.5 oz Patrón Citrónge Orange
.5 oz Fresh lime juice
.5 oz Fresh grapefruit juice
.25 oz Vanilla syrup
+ Splash Allspice dram

+ Grated nutmeg for garnish
+ Lime wheel and cloves for garnish
+ Hawaiian sea salt rim



1. Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice to chill. 
2. Strain onto fresh ice in a Tiki glass that has been rimmed with Hawaiian sea salt. 
3. Garnish with fresh grated nutmeg and a lime wheel pierced with three cloves and grated nutmeg.