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Getting The Perfect Brunch Bod & Having Your Mock-Mosa Too

As much as I Iove to brunch, drink champagne and treat myself to fluffy golden pancakes on the weekends, I also am really passionate about living a healthy lifestyle by balancing the indulgences with great work outs. When I'm in the mood for a bubbly mimosa mid-week, I hold out for the weekend, but have my own go-to mock-mosa that does the trick!

Brielle Galekovic doing Yoga Pose on The Gilded Bellini

Working out truly keeps me sane, and I love to always shake up my usual work out routine with something different. I switch off between barre, pilates, boxing, TRX, yoga, and all the other good stuff at the gym 3-4 times per week.  All of them really help me clear my mind and allow me to take just one hour out of the day to not think about anything but my intense sweat sesh! Although I’m more of a less frequent yogi, I absolutely love how it detoxes my mind of any stress. Sometimes a great yoga class is much needed after a week of going, going, going.

Brielle Galekovic with Choice Juicery on The Gilded Bellini
Brielle Galekovic with Choice Juicery

 My favorite method to burn the cals? It’s really hard because all of them work the body so differently. I’d say I honestly don’t know how I even lived before I started TRX, barre, and pilates about 2 years ago. I swear by nothing else! 

Going out & working out. Which comes first?

Personally, I always feel best working out the morning that I know I am going to go out later that night. Going the day of also helps me just feel a little bit better in general about my guilty food and mixed drink splurges that will occur later on.

As much as I want to wake up early the next morning and head straight to a class, it doesn’t usually happen (even though I always tell myself the day before I would tooootally go the minute I wake up). Plus, when you have brunch plans, by the time you actually get yourself out of bed, you already have to leave! A morning after drinking is a morning in slow motion.

Okay, so I work out a few times a week. What happens when I just want a mimosa on a Wednesday morning?

Brielle Galekovic and Choice Juicery on The Gilded Bellini

In a perfect world of not gaining a tummy pooch from drinking, why wouldn’t anyone start every day without a mimosa?! But, since this is the real world, I have found another way to get my mimosa fix; with a mock-mosa!

I always head to Choice Juicery for my Hot Sunrise juice. It’s a gorgeous yellow/orange color (like a mimosa) made of coconut water, orange, strawberry, ginger, lime and cayenne. The cayenne is great for a metabolism boost and the orange-y taste mimics the traditional mimosa, just without bubbles. I even love drinking it post-going out or post-brunching if I have been treating myself to a couple cocktails. It’s a great detox, and could probably be made in a juicer at home! Don’t quote me on that, but it’s worth a try. Otherwise, most juiceries carry juices in the orange-flavored family that can work just as well. When I was living in NYC, the Spicy Citrus juice from Juice Press was my favorite and is very similar to the Hot Sunrise.

Choice Juicery on The Gilded Bellini

Drink it out of a champagne flute to add a little festivity to your weekday morning! It’s the little things.

How do you get your brunch bod? 

Brielle Galekovic and Choice Juicery on The Gilded Bellini

Photography by: Elijah Saldana