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Join the #ChampagneSociety with Kyle of From The Hamptons To Hollywood, Bicoastal Blogger & Witty Apparel Designer

Being bicoastal is the the lifestyle that many dream of. Being able to experience new things in unfamiliar places can often be intimidating, but extremely invigorating. Your life experience from where you started has the potential to help give you that extra push to accomplish big things on the opposite coast. 

Kyle Langan of the award-winning blog, From The Hamptons to Hollywood is someone that can totally relate. The former Hamptonite turned Angeleno originally created his site to showcase the luxe lifestyles of the Hamptons and Los Angeles, by specializing in fashion, food, events and witty editorial content. Now, a few years later, he has created a collective social media group called #ChampagneSociety and has launched a fun apparel line that has struck the attention of many... including the team at Bagatelle.

Check out what Kyle has to say about his journey from the Hamptons to Hollywood.

Kyle Langan of on The Gilded Bellini

1. How did you come up with the concept for From The Hamptons to Hollywood, and why did you start blogging?

I started my blog when I moved from the Hamptons to LA; it was originally an online journal on my adventures in Los Angeles, and then since it’s grown, I’ve tackled highlighting the lifestyle of both locales.

2. What do you find similar about the fabulous lifestyle in The Hamptons vs. LA? What do you find different? 

The similarities are that they both offer a casually luxurious lifestyle. The Hamptons are an escape, so there’s definitely a “have fun and chill” atmosphere. LA isn’t as formal a city as other huge ones, like New York, so they both have a laid back and fun vibe. The people are the biggest differences; attitudes, culture, interests, etc.

3. Tell us a little bit about you and what you do when you aren't blogging. 

Blogging is my life. Duh. ;)

4. You and I both share an obsession with Bagatelle brunch. Why do you love it so much? 

It’s just abashed, no-holds-barred revelry at it’s best. Everyone is there with the same goal – have as much fun as possible – and that energy is infectious and so fun to be around.

5. What is your favorite spot in LA for brunch? In the Hamptons?

LA: The Ivy, just because. Hamptons? Navy Beach.

6. You've created a part of your blog that serves as a collective of loyal readers of Hamptons to Hollywood called Champagne Society. Tell us about why you created this fun concept, and how we can become members too!

I created the #ChampagneSociety for 2 reasons – I wanted my audience to have a name that made them feel included in what I was reporting on and that I could refer to them as, and I wanted a term that embodied the lifestyle of the Hamptons and LA…and it doesn’t really get much more luxurious than champagne. I encourage everyone living the life my blog represents to tag their photos with #ChampagneSociety, to create a collective group where readers can find other readers through the tag.  

7. You've started selling apparel on your site inspired by the casually luxurious lifestyle that your site represents. I love the shirt that says, "On Wednesdays We Fly Private." What made you want to start an apparel line? What are some of your favorite shirts you've designed? What's in store for future designs?

I’ve always been interested in fashion to a degree, but I’m no Tom Ford! I wanted something simple and comfy that had and witty phrases that are just are fun to read, just like my blog :) The first idea was the #ChampagneSociety tank so I like that one and I chuckle every time I see Your Stomach Flu Is My Goal Weight. I’m always thinking of new ones.

#ChampagneSociety From Hamptons to Hollywood on The Gilded Bellini
On Wednesdays We Fly Private From Hamptons to Hollywood on The Gilded Bellini

8. What's a really cool collaboration you've done with a brand or another influencer that is your favorite to date?

I’m really excited because I partnered with Bagatelle LA and I’ll be hosting the inaugural #ChampagneSociety brunch on May 22nd. Our brands complement each other perfectly and I’ll also be having a Pop-Up Shop for patrons and guests to buy my apparel for the first time in person.

9. There are so many cool parts of your site - from fashion to lifestyle to food and so much more. How do you manage your time? What's your process for creating new content for each section? Do you ever get overwhelmed? 

It can get pretty hectic sometimes, But I set hard deadlines for myself. Also, not sleeping and coffee helps! I am always trying to think outside the box and collaborate with brands and companies to create cool content we can both benefit from.

10. Name your favorite champagne cocktail, if you have one.

I don’t discriminate :)

11. Are you more of an upscale bruncher, local bruncher, party bruncher...?

The thing about brunch is you can check out a local spot this weekend and then do something completely different the next. I love a fancy brunch, but I like to rage too.

12. As another East Coast transplant like myself, what do you think you bring to the "scene" in LA?

A fresh perspective, a great sense of humor, and perpetual optimism.

Kyle Langan of on The Gilded Bellini

13. What's your favorite rooftop spot in LA?

The London rooftop.

14. What's the coolest event that you've been to in LA since you've been here? There's posts on your site of you from LA Fashion Week and quite a few launch parties.

When I tried to sneak into the Golden Globes!

15. Tell us your mantra you live by.

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

16. What words of advice could you give someone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur or a blogger like yourself? 

Never stop dreaming and be persistent. I can’t tell you how many crazy ideas I’ve had that I thought would never pan out, but by being nice, fearless, and having a good pitch to get someone to want to work with you, you can totally make it happen. I’m kinda living proof!

Keep up with Kyle and all the happenings on From The Hamptons to Hollywood and on Instagram at  @hamptonstohollywood.