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Wear Your Favorite Skyline to Your Next Brunch with City + Sky Jewelry Collection

Since little girls, twin sisters Allison Edwards and Courtney Edwards never lost their love for fashion, accessorizing and dressing the part. With age, a love for travel, the arts and enjoying the city life led them to pursue their creative talents and provide a showcase of things cherishable to them. The ladies created Where Wear in The City, a site giving its readers the perfect fix for all things fashion, lifestyle, and events. Fast forward a few years later, now having a super strong online following, the ladies decided to bring their vision of a unique ready to wear jewelry line and bring it to life. 

Charmed by the demure of cities and all that they entail, their love for the city was evident. They also wanted to represent something from the heart, promoting peace, happiness and a worldly view of the sky above. The Edwards sisters firmly believe where you came from and where you are in life is all about embracing the then and the now. Together with a vivid imagination, the will to infuse and inspire those, City + Sky arrived. 

Where Wear In The City, City + Sky on The Gilded Bellini


Whether you fell in love with a city you visited once, or moved from home and want something unique as a reminder of where you came from, these pendants will certainly hold a special place in your heart. Being bicoastal myself, I absolutely adore these pieces and love how I can take a part of home with me everywhere I go!

See what the ladies of Where Wear in The City/City + Sky have to say about the evolution of their brand, a few of their favorite brunch spots in their own city of Dallas and how to snag one of these gorgeous statement pieces! 

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your site, Where Wear in The City!

Beginning as a blog, Where Wear in the City came to life. Focusing online content about fashion, health, beauty, events, entertainment, culture and anything else we found favorable. With years of both being best known as the “social chairs,” “event planners,” and “fashion go to girls,” we decided it was time to put our experiences into words and share to those who would read it. Soon after, Where Wear in the City became a very popular website and is still going strong.

2.      You’re experts on fashion, lifestyle, beauty, culture and events in numerous cities. I see that you’re based out of Dallas. As a brunch connoisseur and someone who hasn’t been to the South (yet!), I’d love to know where your favorite place to brunch in Dallas is.  

Aww yes brunch is always a good idea! We love Bistro 31, State and Allen, Oddfellows, Parigi and The Standard Pour.

3.     You’ve created a very unique and fabulous line of jewelry called City + Sky, a collection inspired by the gorgeous skylines of our favorite cities. Tell us when you launched and about the inspiration behind the line.

Aww thank you! We launched back in October of 2014, when Dallas was voted the best international skyline! We wanted to create something unique, visible and spin off of our blog-Where Wear in the City! We knew cities and states had been done but there was little to show about city skylines. We definitely think they represent the uniqueness of the city!

City + Sky on The Gilded Bellini

4.     How many city skylines are you offering?

We currently have 11 cities: Dallas, Austin, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, London, Miami. We are working on Portland, Nashville, Charleston and Boston.

5.     I love how you offer pendants with the Los Angeles and New York City skylines! It’s great how people who’ve lived in multiple cities can wear your jewelry and be reminded of home in such a trendy way. How do you choose what features of each city to use in your pendants?

We definitely research the actual city skyline because we want each skyline to be perfect and worthy of that conversation!  We also try to add something unique about it, like adding palm trees to the Los Angles and Miami skylines and the fleur de lis to our New Orleans one! 

LA skyline pendant for City + Sky

6.     What do you feature on the Los Angeles pendant? The New York City pendant?

For the Los Angeles one we feature the downtown skyline but add that extra touch of palm trees as we mentioned above. After living in LA for a short period, palm trees and the beach cities have always been something we admired about Southern California. You definitely won't find anything of that nature in Texas!! For the NYC one, we have the Empire State Building as a focal point and we added the Statue of Liberty even though its technically not part of their actual city skyline. We loved seeing it when we ran the NYC marathon years ago while riding the ferry to Staten Island, so we knew it had to be included!

NYC City + Sky pendant on The Gilded Bellini

7.     We totally want to wear a pendant to our next brunch! Talk about a conversation starter. To all my LA and NYC friends, we know where to find our pendants. What if we go to your site and we don’t see a certain city we want on a necklace?

You can definitely visit our site at: If we don’t have a particular skyline or want a custom piece feel free to see our shop custom page on our site or shoot us an email.

City + Sky pendants on The Gilded Bellini

8.     What kinds of opportunities have you been able to take on since City + Sky launched? What plans do you have for the future?

We definitely hit the ground running since beginning City+Sky. We were able to participate in Belk’s Southern showcase in Charlotte, were featured on the Today Show in September and we did our first NYFW runway show which paired our looks, jewelry, music around our current cities, was so much fun! We have also done a handful of trunk shows in Dallas, Houston and Austin and are looking to expand into other cities for trunk shows, retail and speciality boutiques. We hope to do a few events in Los Angeles, Dallas and Austin this summer and the Williamsburg Flea in Brooklyn this fall too!

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