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Ringing in Rosé Season with La Nuit En Rosé: Event Recap

As rosé season emerges, one may ask how to appropriately ring in the precious few months we look forward to all year. The answer is: the annual La Nuit en Rosé Food and Rosé Wine Festival.

La Nuit en Rosé at Skybar at The Mondrian LA

For the second year in a row, it was held at Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood and consisted of a three-day endless rosé celebration. My fab friends Kyle of From Hamptons to Hollywood, Mitch of and I got the chance to attend, giving us the pleasure of accessing 6o different rosés from around the world along the gorgeous poolside overlooking all of LA.

Mitch Swan and Brielle Galekovic at La Nuit en Rosé
The Gilded Bellini at La Nuit en Rosè

Mitch and I attended the Rosé Sunset Soiree on Saturday night. It was a great turn out, with many people walking around sampling rosés, lounging by tables and mingling with others. Dim lighting with strung lights across the pool created a very sexy, refined ambiance. Although many attended, the charm of the intimate outdoor terrace created a very luxe, exclusive experience.

Skybar at Mondrian LA at La Nuit en Rosé

Of course one of the ultimate highlights of the event was this amazing video booth.

La Nuit en Rosé at Skybar at The Mondrian LA

Rosé vendors were incredibly friendly and enjoyable to talk to. I loved learning about different rosés and discovering what makes them so different, whether they were more floral, fruity, dry, light, or sweet. It’s hard to believe that so many unique blends exist! It was super pretty and very fitting that many of the rosés on display were illuminated with pink lighting.

The Gilded Bellini at La Nuit en Rosè

While nearly all of them were extremely pleasing to the palate, I hands down fell in love with Fantinel, a bubbly rosé from Italy. It was sweet, but not overpoweringly sweet because of its similar consistency and taste to champagne. And if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm totally champs obsessed. Fantinel was one of the select rosés at the event that was bubbly, but that made it really stand out from the others. It was so crisp, tantalizing and an absolutely gorgeous shade of pink. Mitch and I made friends with the Fantinel reps and couldn’t stop coming back over for another refreshing swig! 

Cavalier Crew and The Gilded Bellini at La Nuit en Rosé
Fantinel Rosé at La Nuit en Rosé

The following day was the Rosé Pool Party where Mitch, Kyle and I got to come into the event as a triple threat – determined to discover more amazing rosé and take endless pictures for our future posts. The blog is always on the brain!

La Nuit en Rosé
Kyle Langan of Hamptons to Hollywood and Brielle Galekovic of The Gilded Bellini at La Nuit en Rosé
La Nuit en Rosè
La Nuit en Rosè

The vibe of the pool party was very Hamptons-esque, which was really cool to get a taste of on the West Coast. Lots of people were wearing white (like myself), some springy pops of color, and a handful were donning their best swim suits.

Brielle Galekovic at La Nuit en Rosè
La Nuit en Rosé Pool Party
Kyle Langan, Brielle Galekovic and Mitch Swan at La Nuit en Rosè

Lots more mingling went on and we connected with a bunch of cool people. It was such a nice day out with the sun shining and the music bumping. With a glass of rosé in hand, you couldn’t help but just genuinely have a great time!

Brielle Galekovic and Kyle Langan at La Nuit en Rosè
La Nuit en Rosè
La Nuit en Rosé at Skybar at Mondrian LA

The event (which I wish spanned longer than just a weekend!) was incredibly chic and enjoyable. It was so cool to be able to meet people with similar styles and tastes, and to have the opportunity to open my eyes to so many amazing rosé brands from around the globe. With each sip of a different blend, I truly did feel more cultured! The weekend had the perfect amount of sexiness, sophistication, trendiness and lightheartedness – it was evident after each guests’ (and our's) frequent trips back to their favorite rosé stations that the event was a total success.

Brielle Galekovic / The Gilded Bellini at La Nuit en Rosè
La Nuit en Rose
Brielle Galekovic and Kyle Langan at La Nuit en Rosé

I already cannot wait for next year’s event! Huge thank you to La Nuit en Rosé for a very fun and beautiful weekend with friends. Life is waaay more fun through rosè colored glasses. ;)

Interested in attending next year? Be sure to visit and follow @nuitrose on Instagram for all the deets on future La Nuit en Rosé happenings.